Individual investors


Individual Investors

Why Procyon for wealth management

Trust, transparency and results are what our clients tell us they value most when working with us. It matters to them that we are 100% independent fiduciaries; that they can clearly see the costs and benefits of their investment portfolios; that they understand what they own and why; and that they get results.

We can help you craft a vision of the future you want to achieve by fulfilling your personal and professional goals, and then support it with a financial plan that serves as a roadmap designed to help make that future a reality.

Helping clients
plan life well

Transcending the boundaries of traditional financial planning, investment management and advice, we support our clients through the important decisions in their lives, both personal and professional.

Our clients regularly seek our guidance on a range of issues, including:

  • How do I assess a new job offer or compare executive compensation and benefits packages?
  • How do I decide between lump sum or lifetime employer pension payments?
  • What are the tax implications of buying/selling my business?
  • When should I start thinking about my business succession plan?
  • My loved one just passed away – what do I need to do next?
  • How do I protect myself from rising health care costs?
  • At what age should I take social security?

The Procyon team is committed to supporting you with the answers you need to achieve your life goals, every step of the way. Our team includes Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®) experienced in helping people plan their future well. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with a CFP®:

Range of private client support

The client experience

The client experience with Procyon

We offer you the big picture and put you on course for long-term success using an integrated and coordinated approach to managing your wealth. Your partnership with us begins with:

  • Discovery
    Through a deep discovery process, we identify your goals, values and priorities and uncover needs you may not even know you have.
  • Consultation and strategic development
    In creating a robust financial plan, we collaborate with other trusted advisors, including accountants, lawyers and insurance specialists, to ensure everyone on your professional team is aligned with your goals and objectives.
  • Recommendations
    Your comprehensive plan incorporates the full dimensions of your individual situation and defines an overarching framework for your investment experience with us. As an objective fiduciary, we are product agnostic. This allows us to recommend solutions that go beyond just “suitability” to truly serve your long-term interests.
  • Implementation
    We seamlessly execute on your financial plan and investment strategy – from organizing your paperwork, opening accounts and setting up online access, to conducting trades, investing and developing a schedule for future review meetings and communications.
  • Regular review
    We proactively measure and monitor your financial plan and investment strategy on an ongoing basis and keep you informed of your progress toward your goals.

Bespoke investment management

Tailor-made for you

Procyon understands the importance of customizing your investments to fit both you and your goals. With this in mind, we use the same time-tested investment principles we employ with our institutional clients to create a customized, cost-effective investment plan for you. That can range from passive investment vehicles to active portfolios comprised of stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds that are managed at Procyon, to engaging institutional investment managers to run specific asset class segments of the portfolio. We also utilize alternative investments such as private equity, hedge funds or managed futures for appropriate clients.

Ultimately our advice is what we deliver, and our independence and access to innovative products enable us to provide personalized solutions for wealth generation and preservation. We proactively conduct regular review meetings to help our clients navigate life’s milestones and identify adjustments along the way.

You set the goals, we’ll set the course.

Options for every client size

Here to guide every stage of our clients’ journey


Procyon Navigator

For clients just starting to build wealth or who prefer an exclusively digital experience using managed portfolios to reach their goals.

Discover Navigator

Procyon Private Client

For clients with young families and growing needs through to retirees with a portfolio of up to $10 million. Core services include financial planning, investment management and a dedicated Procyon advisor.

Procyon Private Wealth

For clients with established portfolios (>$10 million), complex needs and who also value our concierge services.

Competitive and transparent pricing

Our fees are structured as follows:

 Assets < $1 million: 1.25%
Between $1 million and $5 million: 1%
Over $5 million: 0.75%
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A relationship of trust

We focus on nurturing lasting partnerships with our clients. Procyon stands by our clients’ side every step of the way along life’s milestones and inevitable twists and turns. We’re able to resolve our clients’ immediate challenges and plot a course for them to achieve their long-term objectives across all ages, stages and generations.

Our approach in action

Case studies


Suddenly single

At 60 years old, Mary found herself divorced and fearful for her financial future. Whereas her ex had previously taken the lead on money management for their household, Mary was now solely responsible for her finances and looking for guidance to find her footing during an emotional time.

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Small business owner scaling up

Tom has a good problem – his small business is thriving. This limits the time he can spend with his family or on his finances. His experience working with four different advisors had been lackluster, with no one advisor offering clear direction or value add.

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Busy corporate executive achieving financial focus

Alex has accumulated significant wealth during her successful career. While she enjoys what she does, it’s stressful and keeps her extremely busy. With little time to focus on her finances, she wanted clarity on her financial picture and the flexibility and control to shift gears in her professional life as she saw fit.

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