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Developed and overseen by the Procyon Investment Committee, Procyon Navigator allows you to create a personalized investment strategy based on your individual risk tolerance and goals and implement it through fee-conscious managed portfolios.

The process is fully web-based so you can access state-of-the-art mobile and online account applications easily and efficiently. Through Procyon Navigator, we hope to partner with you in taking control of your financial future today, with the assurance that we’re also here to help you reach your financial dreams tomorrow.

Click the button and enter Advisor Program Key 6811
GET STARTED Institutional Intelligent Portfolios® 2 OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT Open an account of your choice and create a username and password for it. 3 FUND YOUR ACCOUNT Transfer funds from multiple accounts, or rollover an existing 401(k) by calling (800) 515-2157.

We monitor your account daily and automatically rebalance it when needed.
In just four steps, Navigator puts you on the path to reaching your goals.