Firm overview

Charting a course to
exceptional outcomes

Clients first and foremost

We manage financial complexity with an ability to identify, communicate and resolve the challenges our clients face. Simplifying your financial life is what we do best. And we do it through creative thinking to put you on course to achieving your distinct goals and desired outcomes.

We live our values

Our values underpin everything we do and reflect what we aspire to be.


Being honest, having strong morals and doing what’s right.


Allowing someone to have, use or look after someone or something of importance or value with confidence and comfort.


Owning your worth to your partners, colleagues and clients.


Having experience, knowledge, good judgement and a willingness to share your perspective, so others can learn from you.


Being a supportive partner because we’re all in this together.

These are the things we value – and why our clients value us.

Procyon is the name of a navigational star that has guided sailors for millennia. One of only a few stars in the night sky with a twilight appearance, its brightness provides navigators with a trusted, unwavering point to help them chart their course. To the naked eye, Procyon appears as one of the brightest stars in the sky, but it’s actually a binary star – two stars closely orbiting each other.

Our genesis story

We founded Procyon in 2017 because our clients were seeking a more comprehensive range of wealth management services and solutions delivered by objective fiduciaries. At Procyon, we are dedicated to working exclusively in our clients’ best interests and we put our fiduciary commitment to you in writing. By choosing to be independent, we are proud to attract a loyal clientele appreciative of our insightful advice, informed decision-making and personalized service.

  • Predecessor advisory team formed by Phil Fiore
  • Five Procyon founders partner together
  • Procyon partners founded
  • Procyon Strong Foundation established
  • NYC office opens Women Owning their Wealth (WOW) Collaborative formed
  • Procyon benefits launched
  • Over $4.5 billion in total assets under advisement for 500+ families and institutions
  • Dan Limmer joins Procyon, adding an office in Palm Beach, FL.
  • Pivotal Planning Group, LLC joins Procyon, adding offices in Long Island, NY and Virginia Beach, VA

A commitment to client excellence that shows

Conducting our business in a way that puts our clients first is reflected in the external recognition we’ve received for providing outstanding service and expertise.

Individual advisor awards