Procyon’s own Caroline Wetzel and trained Mediator, Colleen O’Neil, enjoy a real conversation about our relationship with money.

Click the link below to watch the video and check out these highlights:

  • 2:45 – Caroline shares her money story and how life not happening according to plan inspired her family to make new financial and career decisions
  • 13:15 – Colleen recounts her money story with her parents and her daughter
  • 19:30 – Caroline and Colleen discuss recognizing and working with your emotional responses to money
  • 21:35 – Caroline and Colleen share professional experiences working with men, women and couples on their finances
  • 27:30 – Caroline and Colleen talk about making money conversations “less taboo” and more real in families and with friends as life changes
  • 37:45 – Caroline offers three pieces of advice for all people who want to write a different money story for their future