Client specialties

  • Financial Planning
  • Institutional consulting
  • Investment management
  • Personal wealth management
  • Portfolio Construction & Management
  • Retirement plan consulting

Christopher Sneed

Financial Advisor


Christopher Sneed is a Financial Advisor at Procyon Partners, where he specializes in developing tailored financial strategies for high-net-worth individuals. With a meticulous and comprehensive approach, Christopher ensures that his clients have a clear understanding of how to optimize and leverage their wealth effectively.

Christopher actively promotes the team’s institutional capital management capabilities, professional trust and estate planning services, and tax advisory offerings. He is deeply committed to cultivating strong relationships with both current and prospective clients, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.

Before joining Procyon, Christopher excelled as an Advisor at Baker Tilly, where he honed his financial acumen. He began his financial services career as a Wealth Advisor at Merrill Lynch. Notably, Christopher’s diverse professional background includes over a decade of experience in the medical services field, highlighting his unwavering dedication to assisting others—a passion that fills him with immense pride.

Beyond his professional achievements, Christopher finds fulfillment in various pursuits. He maintains a healthy lifestyle through regular workouts, and he embraces the opportunity to explore different corners of the world through travel. Above all, he cherishes quality time spent with his family, recognizing the importance of balance and personal connections in his life.