Institutional investors


Institutional Investors

Supporting organizations in meeting their objectives and obligations

We focus on being your trusted Investment Advisor, managing your portfolio using prudent fiduciary governance practices. At the same time, we go above and beyond investments to serve as an extension of your management team so that you can focus on running your organization. We provide holistic advice and custom solutions based on a consultative and collaborative discovery process that ensures we understand your unique situation when crafting our advisory recommendations.

Client needs we serve include:

Retirement plans

Between financial market complexity, increased litigation, regulatory change and longer life expectancies, the retirement landscape is becoming increasingly challenging for plan sponsors. We help design your plan, populate and monitor its investments and educate participants so that you can strike the right balance between offering attractive retirement benefits and controlling costs. Our comprehensive approach focuses on minimizing employer liability and maximizing employee value. Procyon delivers a full range of customized solutions and services that make it easy for employers and employees to make retirement a success.

Defined Contribution Plans

  • Investment consulting as a 3(21) advisor
    or 3(38) discretionary manager
  • Plan design consulting
  • Participant education & communication
  • Vendor evaluation, search & selection
  • Fee review & benchmarking
  • Non-qualified plan consulting

Defined benefit plans

  • Investment consulting as a 3(21) advisor
    or 3(38) discretionary manager
  • Asset allocation modeling
  • Asset/liability analysis
  • Liability-driven investing (LDI) support
  • Defined benefit plan termination
  • Fee review & benchmarking
  • Custodian, directed trustee and pay agent search and evaluation

Employee education

On your staff, not your payroll

We coordinate our team’s breadth of resources under one
umbrella to be your team’s financial quarterback, with
other benefits that include:

  • Enhanced fiduciary protections
  • Single point of contact
  • True partnership
  • Coordination of resources/vendors
  • Accountability
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Time savings

Fiduciary governance

We help retirement plan sponsors manage their fiduciary obligations and can assist their compliance in all aspects of their plan’s operations, from administration and vendor management to plan design and employee education.


We can assist you in developing and implementing an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”) that will serve as
a blueprint for our recommendations on the selection, monitoring and retention of appropriate investment options for your plan.

Plan design support
We can evaluate and recommend various plan design features, such as auto-enrollment, auto-escalation, fee levelization, ROTH and employer contribution formulas.

Fee analysis & benchmarking
We can periodically benchmark your plan fees and design features versus the marketplace and industry peers.

Plan communications
We can assist with developing and disseminating targeted plan communications designed to promote plan awareness, utilization and sound investing principles.

Employee education
We can provide your employees with relevant education, advice and financial planning support through group meetings, webinars and individual consultations.

Risk management
We will implement a best practices governance approach for your plan designed to mitigate your risk and liability as plan sponsor.

Vendor management
We will work in partnership with your additional plan vendors to resolve periodic issues, ensure accountability and deliver a coordinated service experience.


Not for profits

We offer 360-degree financial consulting for non-profits, including senior living organizations, government entities, and health care and educational institutions. Our intimate knowledge of the non-profit space allows us to assess our clients’ financial viability and optimize their investments and resources to support their long-term strategic growth objectives and fiduciary responsibilities.

Who we serve

  • Life Plan Communities (LPCs)
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
  • Colleges, universities and educational institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Health care organizations

How we help

  • Investment consulting and asset/liability analysis
  • Institutional retirement planning
  • Fiduciary consulting
  • Lending consulting and short-term lending solutions
  • Health care and benefits consulting
  • Cash management

Endowments and private foundations

A fundamental investment challenge as a trustee of an endowment or private foundation is balancing the need to maintain your spending target while preserving your fund’s real value. In today’s environment of low interest rates and high equity valuations, that balance can seem elusive.

Procyon can help identify investment solutions that work effectively for you based on a deep discovery process to understand your objectives as well as your risk sensitivities, spending requirements and liquidity needs. We can then design a customized and comprehensive approach aligned to your purpose that leverages our strengths in portfolio management and oversight services backed by our stringent reporting and operational support.

Liquidity management

Our cash management capabilities include a variety of investment options and innovative strategies that allow us to customize solutions for our clients to meet their needs for safety, liquidity and yield.

Employer health & welfare benefits

We work with employers to help them balance their business needs with their employees’ benefits needs, providing access to effective and value-added employee health and welfare solutions that control cost, employ state-of-the-art technology and include education and training. Because we recognize that attracting and retaining the best available talent in their industry is key to our clients’ success.