Firm overview



Clients first
and foremost

Driven by our client-first ethos, we strive to provide thoughtful, relevant and innovative solutions to meet your immediate needs, while setting you on a path to your desired future.

Procyon is the name of a navigational star that has guided sailors for millennia. One of only a few stars in the night sky with a twilight appearance, its brightness provides navigators with a trusted, unwavering point to help them chart their course. To the naked eye, Procyon appears as one of the brightest stars in the sky, but it’s actually a binary star – two stars closely orbiting each other.

Our history

We founded Procyon in 2017 because we believed clients deserve a wide range of services and solutions delivered in a transparent manner by fiduciaries. We work only for our clients. By choosing to be independent and avoiding the pitfalls inherent in other business models, we are proud to attract a loyal clientele appreciative of our informed decision-making, personalized service and ability to simplify the many facets of their financial lives.